Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vote Against Project

I typically don't like to get political on my blog; I save my opinions on those topics for other mediums. My blog has mostly been about what I bake, what I craft, what I read, and random fun things I do (even though I haven't been doing too much lately...I'm working on that). However, when North Carolina's legislature decided to put an amendment on the May 8th ballot to define marriage as one between a man and a woman, I became offended, and knew I needed to speak out in some way.

I am offended that my state would be so closed minded, offended by the discrimination, and offended that my state would be okay with limiting benefits to not only same-sex couples, but heterosexual domestic partnerships and civil unions as well.

I believe that every single person, no matter what, should have equal rights and privileges. Even though I personally plan to marry a man one day, I still strongly believe there is absolutely no reason everyone should not be allowed those same rights that me and my husband will automatically receive just because we're a man and a woman, and just because we chose to marry.

I don't understand why people think allowing these rights for everyone will damage the marriage they personally have, or that it will even affect their life in any way, to the point where they fight to deny and prevent these rights by putting this amendment in our constitution. I read a great quote the other day by someone after Prop 8 in California was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that said "Giving someone else equal rights does not infringe or take away rights from you. It just makes it illegal to enforce your prejudice and hate. It's that simple."

This is not a partisan issue. It is a human rights issue, a fairness issue, an acceptance issue. What are we without equality, without acceptance, without openness? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I truly believe that your opinion shouldn't affect allowing others to have basic human rights some of us are or will be lucky enough to receive without question.

Some people out there do not have the full story. They do not understand the full implications of what this constitutional amendment will do if passed. It is not just about potentially disallowing same-sex marriages (which we should allow them, and hopefully will at some point). Here is a good link to the Coalition to Protect NC Families that will give you the full scope:

With this amendment on the ballot, a friend of mine, Curtis Brown, decided to do something about it. He gathered a team together, and began the Vote Against Project.

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The project is taking them all across North Carolina as they take pictures of North Carolinians and others who are against this amendment being added to our constitution.

When it comes to a vote like this, awareness is the most important thing, especially with it being on the ballot on May 8th, and not a typical high-turnout election time like November. Most people don't tend to show up for primaries it seems, but at least it won't just be about the Republican presidential candidate anymore, now that the governor's race is wide open here. This project is for bringing awareness about the amendment as well as providing a constant reminder of when the vote will occur so everyone can go out and Vote Against.

I went to the photo shoot on January 26th at Busy Bee in downtown Raleigh with my friend Katie. The thing I noticed the most was the complete happiness in the whole room. Everyone I encountered believes wholeheartedly in what they are doing and are so happy to see so many people agree with them and be willing to put up a fight against injustices. Everyone involved in the project, from the team to the volunteers, were just plain awesome and the reason I'm sure this project will be successful.

So if you haven't already, go to the Vote Against website: They have multiple tour dates, so find the one closest to you. Get your picture taken. Put it as your Facebook profile picture (which I did), your Twitter picture (which I have), your Google+ photo (done and done), and if you have a blog, blog about it (you're reading it!). And remember on May 8th to vote AGAINST the amendment. You'll be presented with the choice to choose "For" or "Against", so make sure you choose AGAINST.

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  1. Good entry, but you should mention that the "gay marriage" description of this amendment is actually REDUNDANT, because marriage is already defined as one man + one woman in NC. So those against same-sex marriage don't even need to vote for this to get what they want. So many think "If I dno't vote for this, they will legalize gay marriage in NC". No, they won't. But the right-wingers in the Legislature weren't happy with just a LAW, they had to add it to the state constitution. And they weren't happy with THAT, so they had to add a line that *no domestic contract* other than marriage will be legal in NC, thus throwing many unmarried heterosexual couples under the bus in their frenzy to play Big Brother with our constitution.