Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer of Fun? Summer of Fun!

I know summer doesn't technically begin until June 20th, but considering it's going to be 90 degrees the next few days, I'm already in the mind-set. I love summer. Don't get me wrong, fall is still my all-time favorite season (helloooooo football season!), but there is just something about summer and being able to be outside all day and well into the night and not having to wear a coat.

Even though I'm in the working world (and have been for a little while now, but I'm in denial of that still I think), and no longer get summers off, I still feel like I have more free time to do fun things. Or maybe that's just because there are more fun things to do in the summer since it's warm, sunny, and lighter longer. I always have grand plans to do things over the summer, but then I forget about all the fun things I see there is to do and end up spending most of my time at the pool. Not that that's an all around bad thing, but I will not do (just) that this summer! I am actually putting things on my calendar to remind myself of said fun events so I actually remember to go to them. I will continue to add as I learn about things as well.

I have a couple fun trips planned, going to a beach or some other type of warm place with my friend Laura, a weekend trip to Syracuse/The 1000 Islands with some of my girls, and a weekend trip to Chicago and Milwaukee with my other girls.  So that's exciting, but those are only a few weekends out of the nice long summer. So what else have I seen that I want to do? Here is my list (and these are things that I need other people to do with me, so if you want to join me, just let me know :-) I would love to have some company):

Fun Things with Specific Dates:
  • The NC Symphony: Totally Awesome 80s on June 23.
    • I love the 80s, the symphony is really talented, and this concert is at Koka Booth, so it sounds like a great combination.
  • THE OLYMPICS on July 27 to August 12.
    • I love the Olympics. Seriously. Winter. Summer. Doesn't matter. I love it all. Hopefully since this will obviously end up being a hot summer, I won't feel as bad spending those couple weeks indoors watching these. Or I could find a bar with a nice patio and TVs outside and force people to watch with me. CAN'T WAIT.
  • Festival of Cheese on August 4
    • Okay, so I'm probably not going to this, mostly because of the $55 entry fee ($55???? I know right). But as a serious cheese lover, I was almost tempted, and just wanted to share it. How could you not want to go to a thing called the Festival of Cheese?????
  • Lazy Daze on August 25
    • Fun crafts festival in Cary. I haven't been in awhile, but I always remember liking it. It's a good excuse to go walk around outside too.
  • BugFest on September 15
    • Part of me wants to go because I want to try eating bugs (why? I don't know. Because then I could say I've eaten bugs?)
  • Movies at the NCMA on multiple dates
    • I'd probably love to go to most of these, but the ones I have my eye on are The Muppets, The Artist, Casablanca, Ghostbusters, and The Godfathers. 
    • Koka Booth is also doing a movie thing, with some other possible alternatives.
Fun Things with No Specific Dates (these are more just general activities that I'm interested in doing):
  • Durham Bulls games! I love going to these, always have.
    • Along the same vein, I'm very excited to watch my nephew play tee-ball this summer. Oh the memories! 
  • Playing golf. The more I work on fixing my swing (and not having it fly to the right every. single. time.), I want to actually play some rounds. Of par 3 of course. And not in the middle of the day when it's blazing hot. I burn easily, people! 
  • Paddle boating at Lake Johnson. I remember doing this a lot when I was younger, and always had fun. And every time I see other people doing it at the lake, I always think that I need to too. Plus, it's a good leg workout!
  • Trip to Carowinds or Busch Gardens. I've been in the mood to go to an amusement park and ride some roller coasters! Busch Gardens would probably be preferable because I like all the other fun things you can do there. 
  • Lots of walks. Lots and lots of walks. Since I'm not a runner (except when chasing down drug addicts who steal my purse in Target), I prefer to take walks, which are still a good workout anyways. Lake Johnson, Pullen Park, Umstead, etc. All good places. Plus I'm sure there are other greenways worth exploring. If I can't find friends to walk with me, I might get the 30-day trial of Spotify Premium at some point so I can listen to upbeat music while I walk.
  • Day trips to the beach/hanging out at the pool, with good books to read, good friends to talk to, and good drinks in my hand. Let's face it, these are givens. Especially since I don't think I went to the beach once last year. Lame on my part, but I will try to make up for it this year. 
  • Bake lots of yummy summer desserts and hopefully having a lot of fun cookouts with friends. Also a given. I see lots of fruit and light flavors in my future. 
So that's the list so far. I think it's a pretty good one, but I am open to many more additions, as well as people to join me!

*Side note: Can you tell I love a good list?*

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