Sunday, November 27, 2011

Felt Ruffle Christmas Wreath

So my wreath obsession continues!

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I needed to try to get my apartment in the Christmas spirit (which is made more difficult by the 70 degree weather outside). I found this awesome looking ruffle wreath on Pinterest ( that I really wanted to make.

In the instructions, they say to use a 12inch styrofoam wreath, but the problem is that it's way too small for my door. You wouldn't be able to see my apartment number, and I wouldn't be able to see out the peep hole! Both important things. So, also using Pinterest and the awesome tips that site leads you to, I learned that you can use pipe insulation foam to use as a wreath!

Now, it's not a perfect circle, but it's pretty close. To make sure that you don't have the kinks with this, you just open up the slit, and tuck it in tightly, and then duct tape the ends together. The only thing that worries me with using this method, is that it'll sag, and keep sagging as the days go on. You'll see this a little later.

So I ended up getting about 4 yards of felt. This was WAY too much. It was on sale, so I figured better safe than sorry, and I'll probably end up using the extra as a tree blanket once I get a Christmas tree in here. I also decided that I wanted the wreath to be a tad more Christmasy, and a little glittery, so I also got a few fake poinsettia flowers to add to the wreath.

You want to cut three inch circles for your wreath. I used a glass which ended up making the process a lot quicker. I highly recommend that over using a paper template or something similar.
I got a lot of circles. A LOT. I decided to do it in sections to save my hands: draw, cut, pin, draw, cut, pin.

Now, to make the ruffles, you fold the circle in half, and then in half again.
And then you stick a pin at the corner of the ruffle, and then into the form. After sticking in a few pieces around the foam, fairly close together, you want to fluff them to make it nice and pretty!

In the middle of my cutting and fluffing, I had a little kitty get lost in the felt.

As far as the poinsettia's went, I just cut them off the stems and jammed them into the foam, and it worked perfectly! It also saved me from making even more ruffles because they took up some space. Now, initially, I made a little felt hook on the back of the wreath, hoping that would be the best way to hang it.
The problem with it, was that it hung way too low on the wreath hanger and you couldn't see my apartment number. So, even though it messed with the appearance of the wreath, I just put it on the hook.
 Here's a close up of the ruffles!

It took me 4.5 hours and approximately 350 circles of felt. It was a huge undertaking, but it turned out just how I wanted! Now, I'm worried about the sagging. You can already tell that it's more oblong now, and part of that might be from the weight of the felt, and hopefully it won't keep getting worse. If it does, I'll have to research a way to make it more stiff. But for now, I love it! 

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