Sunday, November 18, 2012

Color Run Charlotte 5K!

So let me tell you one thing first. I don't really like running. In general, I find it boring. Sometimes if I've had a long, stressful day, I just want to run it out, so I might go run a little. And if I have a good playlist going, then it's not so bad, or if I have someone to go with. But in general, I prefer to stick to yoga and kickboxing for my exercise. 

But with that being said, you give me something fun in a run, and I am ALL for it. So when my best friend Megan suggested we do the Color Run 5K, I quickly agreed. Luckily we kept up with the registration dates because two days after it opened, it had sold out! 

The premise behind the Color Run is at every kilometer they would throw color on you so you'd be covered in the end! It made it way easier to run it because every time you saw the color stations, you would have motivation to run to it. 

Unfortunately in the week before the run, Megan got sick so she wasn't able to come with me :(. But one of my other best friends, Amy, who lives in Charlotte and we were planning to stay with, stepped in to her spot to run with me!

There were tons and tons of people there!! It was so packed! But we needed to stretch beforehand...

We had to get the classic "pre-color" shot with our nice clean shirts and headbands!

We were pumped up and ready to go! It was clear skies, but about 40 degrees and windy. We wanted to RUN just so we could get warm!

Since there were so many people, they divided up in sections as you went so you'd be able to run and there would be enough space so everyone wouldn't hit the color stations at the same time. Luckily, we ended up in the very front of our little wave! We were running around the outside of the Charlotte Motor Speedway!

The way the color stations worked were the volunteers were on the side either using their hands or squeeze bottles to get it on you. You had to run kind of slow to make sure you got covered. There was blue, pink, yellow, orange, and then the major color bomb at the end (which I'll explain in a minute). Some people really wanted to make sure they were covered in color and started rolling on the ground in the extra powder. 

Lots of people dressed up for the run too. Many people were in tutus, or other crazy getups. There was even a guy in a tutu. It was great. There were also a lot of families running it, and even a lady who broke her foot having her friend push her in her wheelchair. She was NOT going to miss this.

Amy and I ended up running about 2 miles of the race, which is way impressive for me considering I haven't had time to do any type of training. We mostly walked the hills, but we made sure to run through all the color stations and across the finish line! There was no way to know our time since we didn't have stop watches with us, but this was more about the fun anyways!

We got COVERED in color!! It was great! Amy got some all in her hair, and it soaked through our clothes too. But it was a total blast!

After the run they did this "Color Festival" where there was a DJ playing some music and everyone was dancing around, just having fun. And preparing for the COLOR BOMB!

 The Color Bomb was probably the BEST part of the day. After counting down to 10, we took our extra color packets we got and everyone threw them in the air and danced around! It felt like a mid-day rave almost.

All in all, it was a GREAT way to do a 5K, and I am totally planning on doing the Color Run again! I was in such a good mood the rest of the day, and I'm still on a color high!

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