Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Crafting: Name From Everyday Objects

Every Christmas I struggle to find something to give my parents. They're not much help either; this year my mom asked for a hat and she suggested I get a scraper for my dad. Yea right. Those are boring gifts, especially when you have the itch to be creative!

One thing I've always loved that's out there in the Etsy world are those pictures of names from every day objects. They can range anywhere from $20-150 (seriously people? $150???? I could understand it if it's a super ridiculous long name with a Q or something, but for those of us with easy ones? Not so much). Seeing as how our last name is pretty easy, I figured I could try to do this myself!

Luckily I thought about this a couple weeks before Christmas, so every day on my way to and from work, or if I went out somewhere, I was always looking around, seeing what I could find to satisfy the S, T, three Es, and L that I needed. I also did a little research on the internet to get an idea of what other people had done. 

The S turned out to be the most problematic, but on my way to work one day, I passed by the little playground and noticed the slide, at the right angle, it looked like an S! PERFECT! I was so excited because it was the last letter I had needed. For the T, I used part of my apartment building structure, for the L, I used a curb, and for the Es, I found branches in the right shape, used the stripes for the spaces next to handicap parking, and got a close up photo of a stoplight. 

Because the frame I bought was brown, I decided to make the pictures into a sepia tone. You could easily do them in black and white, or leave the color, it's whatever your preference is. Then, using Picasa, I cropped them down to a 4x2 size so that I could put three letters onto a 4x6 print.

Picasa was really great for this because I was able to use the collage feature to create the 4x6 print I needed. 

So here is the final product!
And in it's frame!

You really start to see letters in things everywhere if you start working on a project like this. If it's something you're considering doing, but need ideas for letters, I can probably help because I definitely was seeing a bunch of letters in things that I didn't need! 

Merry Christmas!

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