Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apartment Meet Penny, Penny Meet Apartment

For the past three years, I had two great cats. I never realized I was a cat person until they came along. Cats are pretty low maintenance, are typically very calm, and they're very cuddly. When you get the right ones, they're super playful and overall lots of good fun. Plus they're so cute! So when they were no longer in my life, I knew I wanted and needed to get my own. It breaks my heart a little to think of "replacing" them, but I know in the end, having my own kitty will help me on this path, wherever it leads me. I'm a firm believer in the thought that pets help lower your stress level. Plus, they keep you company and will always love you (you control the food, you control the love).

So when one of my mom's friends needed someone to adopt a cat they found a year ago, I was definitely interested. The only reason they needed someone to adopt her was because their other two cats just did not get along with her because they're old and have some health issues. So she wasn't able to really come out and play all day like she needs to. She's somewhere between two and three years old, and is a Torbie (tortoise/tabby mix).

The whole time I was there to meet her, she just wanted me to pet her. She circled around me and just loved having the attention. She was so friendly to someone she just met, and didn't run scared. My kind of cat. So after a few minutes, I knew I wanted to take her home. I needed her, and with her story, I think she needed me too (not that she was in an unloving home, but she needs to be able to not have other cats picking on her).

The name they gave her was Bella, but I'm going to change it because it's just a weeeeee bit close to my niece's name. After thinking on it and asking some opinions, I decided on Penny (partly because once I get a second cat, I'm hoping to get a boy and name him Sheldon).

I got her home, and let her explore a little. At first she went around sniffing everything, finding her way around her new home. I'm sure she's confused right now. Not really sure what to think about the place. Hopefully she'll get used to it soon, I know it might take a couple days. I would post pictures, but she's hiding under my chest right now. But in the future, be prepared for random kitty stories!

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