Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Tonight I had a couple friends invite me to go play trivia at a local pizza place. I've always liked trivia, and always wanted to go and play, so I was definitely looking forward to it. I feel that I read a lot of news stories (well, mostly headlines...I have to work most of the day!) and I am definitely up on my celebrity gossip...but I feel random facts, as much as I love them, I can never remember them. So I was very interested to see how this went.

There was probably about 20 teams, and since we didn't have a ton of faith in ourselves, we decided to name our team "And In Last Place." They had three rounds and this week the categories were random facts, Bravo (the TV channel), and Two and a Half Men (the TV show). Those categories did not instill a lot of confidence in my ability to help our team. Like I said, I suck at remembering random facts, I don't ever watch Bravo (I only used to when Project Runway was on), and even though I've seen Two and a Half Men, I never paid close enough attention because I thought it kind of sucked.

The random facts category turned out better than we thought. Some of the questions were pretty easy to figure out...and it helped that they were multiple choice. We got six out of 10 (plus an extra point for the bonus question), so not a bad start. During the second round, the only questions I knew were about Top Chef, and that's because it's the only food show on Bravo. Every other questions was pretty much about the Real Housewives, and I've only watched about two minutes of one of those shows before I had to change the channel. Luckily, Jessie knew what she was doing, so we got 8 out of 10 that round. And then somehow during the Two and a Half Men round, we became trivia masters. We somehow guessed 9 out of the 10, plus I knew half of the bonus question.

So "And in Last Place" never was actually in last place! We ended up tied for 6th place (and with the 4th highest score). Who knows, maybe I'll have a better memory when it comes to random facts and I'll start randomly spouting them in conversation.

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  1. I did some trivia with Woody and Jacqui and a few others one night at Ruckus. We finished second by like 1 question. We were killing it. And it wasn't lame Bravo stuff :)