Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome to the 21st Century

For so long I fought getting a smartphone. I didn't want to always be connected to my email and the internet and  I liked using my huge hard copy planner. Plus, I feel these days, we spend too much time playing with the apps on our phones, and not interacting with the people around us.

While I still believe that, as time went on, I realized just how beneficial a smartphone would be. Mostly for the navigation because I tend to get lost easily, and I still would write down directions on paper and hopefully find my way. Plus, when I'm waiting for someone by myself and it can turn into a long time, I really need something to occupy my mind.

So yesterday I went to the Verizon store and bought my very first smartphone! I debated for a minute between the new iPhone4s and the HTC Rhyme. While iPhones are super popular, get almost all the best apps first, and are super easy to use, I just couldn't bring myself to get one. I didn't like how the front screen would always have those blocks with your apps in them. I like being able to see a background image and not having my main screen feel cluttered (even though organized). And I didn't want to spend lots of money on apps.

And that led me to the HTC Rhyme. I'm not the kind of person who needs a super teched out phone. I just want something that works well, looks pretty (yes, pretty, or in other words, clean) has good features, and allows me to have awesome apps. I always liked the way HTC's looked, so when they came out with the Rhyme, it was the kind of phone that catered to me (they don't call it the lady phone for nothing).

Yes. It's purple. I love purple. It's very clean looking, the main screen is uncluttered, and I love having such an easy connection to all my Google stuff. And you know what's really awesome? I got the full Angry Birds...for free! And I now have Words with Friends! The camera is pretty decent, it has NFL Mobile (also free), and in general, it's just plain fantastic. I can use talk to text if I need to text while I'm driving (since normally that would be illegal), and it's so much easier to see my text conversations with people.

The phone came with a few extra goodies, which is nice. It came with a dock that you can put your phone in to act as a clock or music station, some tangle-free headphones, and this little charm thing that while your phone is in your purse, it can hang outside and flash when you get a call or text (told you it was a lady phone).

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my new phone. And I'm pretty excited about having moved into the 21st century! And it's a good thing I wasn't turned off by the SUPER CREEPY commercial they have for the phone.

This is the super creepy octopus lady from the Rhyme commercial. EEK!

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