Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pinterest Crafting - Fall Wreath

One of my favorite websites is Pinterest. It's a website where you can save anything you find on the web and have pictures for reference. It's great for saving craft ideas, recipes, decorating ideas, party planning ideas, and other random categories. Anything you can think of. It's also a huge community where you can search and see what other people are pinning and get ideas from them as well.

It's so helpful because it links back to the site that the pin is on, so you can get to the directions for whatever it is, or buy it if it's a product you love. It's much better than either printing ideas, or saving them in some other form on your computer. Plus, when you look at your boards, having the pictures for reference is an exciting way to be inspired.

Because of Pinterest, I've gotten really into wreaths. There are so many out there beyond Christmas ones! You can make yarn ones, spring themed ones, burlap ones, etc. I found a fall wreath that I absolutely loved that I just had to make. There's something so homey about coming home to a door with a nice festive wreath on it. Here is the link to my inspiration: Fall Wreath.

So armed with an AC Moore coupon, I headed out to buy my supplies. I bought a 14" grapevine wreath, four fake ranunculus flowers (I've recently become obsessed with the shape of them), and instead of plain berry springs, I got fake leaf and berry sprigs.

I started by cutting the ends off the flowers, but leaving a chunk of the stem so I could shove it through the wreath. I used some floral wire to try and secure it too (let's hope how I did it worked and I don't wake up to a bare wreath).

And then I broke up the leaf and berry sprigs to shove bits randomly into the other side.

And here's the completed wreath!

And here it is on my door!

Now, the only real problem is that the wreath is a tad small. It tries to hide my apartment number, but I luckily got it set so it's just barely below the peep hole so I can see the number while still seeing out my peep hole. Next wreath I make will be a bit bigger so I don't have to worry about those things, but all in all, for a simple craft project, I think it turned out well! It'll definitely make me happy to come home and see that on my door. 

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  1. i love your wreath! and your new blog :) and you!!