Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deep Fried Goodness

Last night after getting my new phone, Kia and I headed to the state fair. I always love going to the state fair because it's fantastic people watching, the food is delicious, and it's just a tradition you always want to partake in. We didn't feel like doing any rides or playing any games, but we did walk around, saw the ridiculously large pumpkin and watermelon, and ate really good food.

Almost every time I go to the fair, I have to get a red hot dog. I have no idea why, but I love them. I don't get them very often because not a lot of places serve them in general, so I went on a hunt for one at the fair. I found one and it was ah-mazing. After walking a bit more, we decided to stop for some deep fried goodness. I always allow myself one deep fried thing every year at the fair because you truly never get that at any other time. This year I voted to go with a deep fried Snickers. Kia got the deep fried cookie dough. I just love that melty chocolate and all the powdered sugar that ends up all over you.

After that, I was pretty full, so I didn't get any more food, but I definitely would have if I was still even slightly hungry. There's always such great and different foods at the fair. Kia was at least healthy and got some corn. I was not so healthy haha.

We watched the fireworks, which the finale ended up being overkill, and then they had an encore (which looked more like they forgot to set some fireworks off), but overall were very pretty. And after walking around some more, headed home. I think the only disappointing thing about the fair this year was that I did not see one mullet, NOT ONE! That's a rarity. I did see plenty of fanny packs though. I can't wait for the fair to come back again next year.

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